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Publié : 30 mars 2012
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Voyage en Angleterre , le 20 mars 2012

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Presentation of the day on tuesday 20th of March . Very great day !

On tuesday 20th of March , in the morning we get up at 7h30a.m and the breakfast was at 8.00a.m .
We went to northgate hight school at 9.00a.m and we arrived at 9.30a.m .
The differents lecons were more varied than french lecons . At break , we had played football with english student .
We had we win . We took the road again and we went at workhouse museum and we had lunch in the little garden of the museum . We visited the farm .
We seen big black pigs , sheeps , hers , horse and we returns to the museum for the visits .
The museum it’s very big ! icones_peda
There are lots of splendid thing .
At the return to the hostel , everything pupils played to " chasse à l’homme " .
After the dinner at 19.00p.m , we played at " The musical chairs " with hat , it’s funny !
After game , we return to our bedroom , the curfew it’s at 22.00p.m .
End of the day icones_peda

Text by Jessy , Julien and Alexandre